Monday, 12 October 2009

Hi all

I've been busy making stock for the Christmas season, which is fast approaching!

Thanks to Steve for some finishing touches to the current website, and some new IT equipment, the website should come along in leaps and bounds. Look out for new styles coming soon, and some new ideas on the site.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How time flies!

I was pretty horrified to realise that my last post was at the end of February... and here we are in gloriously sunny August.

The good news is, Moongazer is due to officially launch soon, so keep an eye out for exciting offers and news coming soon...

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Work in progress


I've been busy, busy, busy working on the website. For every bit of progress, I seem to find something else that needs to be done! I had no idea there were so many ways and places to post links to your website... Search Engine Optimisation is enough to put off even the bravest :o)

My very dear friend Mary has been giving me some wonderful ideas and suggestions for the website... I'll tell you more soon!

Amanda, from Distinctly Floral has been wonderful, as usual, and displayed some of my tiaras in her shop window. I popped in to see her, to be told people had been taking my business cards, and on the way out the shop, was delighted to hear two ladies talking about my tiaras "look at that one, its beautifu;!" which put a smile on my face!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Sparkly new things

An exciting new addition to the Moongazer collection: not more jewellery (although there is plenty of that, and some new Tiaras I'm particularly pleased with) but a new camera.

This is exciting news (I must take this chance to thank Peter ever so much for lending his fancy camera to me) although now I have to learn how to use it!

This has come just in time, for me to photograph the new tiaras I've been busy making... check out the website to see them (I'll be uploading more pictures over the weekend)

I like the tiaras so much, I might have to start wearing them round the house - while I'm washing up perhaps? :o)

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Distinctly Floral

I had an exciting day today... Amanda, owner (and floral guru!) of Distinctly Floral, was kind enough to fit me in to her busy day for a coffee and some extremely helpful advice about going into business.

I met Amanda when we were looking for flowers for our wedding (she did a STUNNING job) and I was instantly impressed at how Amanda listened and absorbed even the tiniest details, and when the flowers turned up on the day, they looked even more amazing than we'd ever imagined they would.

I hope that I can go some way to being the incredible business woman that Amanda is.

If you are fortunate enough to live in Kent, then I suggest you look no further than for your floral desires.

Amanda is exhibiting at one of the areas largest wedding fairs this weekend, and has very kindly offered to take along a few of my tiaras and hair pins, to put amongst her display. They will then make it into her fabulous shop window display (I always enjoy looking in the window when I pass by) on Monday.

Fingers crossed, the website will also be finished this weekend... watch this space! x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Website

Today, I am uploading all the styles and descriptions for the Moongazer range, to our brand new, specially designed website

I am delighted to see how well it is all fitting together, and have to take this opportunity to thank those that have worked so hard to help me - you know who you are!.

Once I've finished my uploading, and the technical stuff is done, I'll be going public! I'm very excited about launching the website, and am thinking of throwing a 'launch party'...

On another exciting note, tomorrow evening, I'm meeting my first bride for a consultation, and next week, I've got a meeting with Amanda, from her fabulous floristy business 'Distinctly Floral'.

Its all starting to happen...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Starting out

This is my very first blog - ever - and its also my start in life as a jewellery designer.

I've been making jewellery for ages, and although its something I've always wanted to do 'for real' rather than a hobby, I've finally started to turn it into a business.

Right now, there is a fantastic website in the creating, and I've been busy making all kinds of styles (trying to keep everyone happy!). So far, my biggest problem is that I just want to keep on making the jewellery, not all the boring stuff like sorting out the tax, and doing competitor-analysis...

So, watch this space. With luck, you'll be looking at my styles in a glossy magazine one day soon :o)

Moongazer x